"In Cabalism this represents a symbolic vision of the powers of alchemy...." 80 p. 144[Jacob,a Hebrew patriarch,dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven: Genesis 28:12.]
"(Hinduism) Brahma,Vishnu,or Shiva...[meaning] Teacher of the World." 80 p. 144
"[T]he soul of the world." 80 p. 145
"A unique minority religion of India: an offshoot of Hinduism ... The chief characteristic is the emphasis on the principle of 'Ahimsa' (non-violence) to extreme limits." 73 p. 109
"A name of Krishna,meaning 'the adored of the world.'" 80 p. 145
"[T]he 12 Emanations of Brahma...the 12 Creative Hierarchies of Hinduism." 80 p. 146
"[T]he spirit control of Moses and special guardian of the Jews." 73 p. 110 ["Jehovah" is usually understood to be a name for the one and only God worshipped in monotheistic faiths,although Jehovah is often said to have a special relationship with the Jewish people. Some scholars indicate that Jehovah was originally one of many gods worshipped by peoples east of the Mediterranean; only later did he come to be identified as sole true God of the universe. Anthroposophy,which is polytheistic,harkens back to the disputed earlier tradition; Steiner taught that Jehovah,a fairly low-level god,has presided over the Hebrews from the Moon while multitudinous other gods — some of them much higher than Jehovah — have performed other functions throughout the cosmos. Also see "God","Yahweh","Yhva",and "YHWH".]
"[D]reams of receiving pots of jelly...[signify] good fortune...." 80 p. 147
"Jesus was an outstanding Jewish medium born about 4 B.C." 73 p. 111 [Steiner taught that there were two Jesus children who combined to form the vessel for the incarnation of the Sun God,Christ,on Earth.]