"Ancient Egyptian equivalent for the double or etheric body." 73 p. 112 ["The exact significance of the ka remains a matter of controversy,chiefly for lack of an Egyptian definition; the usual translation,'double
The Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible. Today it is largely found in Hasidism. Also see "Cabala".
"The god of opportunity in ancient Greece." 80 p. 151
"(Hinduism) Time as the source of all...." 80 p. 151
A terrifying and hideous Hindu goddess,the goddess of time,doom,and death; she is the wife of Shiva.
"(Hinduism) The fourth and present age of the world..." 80 p. 151[In Hindu teachings,Kali Yuga is the final age in each cycle of ages. Called the "dark age
"The tenth avatar of Vishnu...." 80 p. 151
"A day and night of Brahma,which equals 4
In Theosophy: feeling,desire,pleasure.
"Hindu term for [the] 'astral shell'...." 73 p. 112