"A tree of magic...." 80 p. 207
"[U]sed as a divinatory test to determine whether a child was bewitched." 80 p. 207[An oak apple is a spherical gall that forms on an oak tree due to the actions of gall wasps.]
"That state of being in which the mind,emotions and spirit are besieged by the Devil or another malevolent spirit...." 80 p. 207[In more common terms,an obsession is an excessive preoccupation.]
In Anthroposophy: the second of seven Realms of Soul,higher than the Continental and preceding the Atmospheric. Having evolved beyond the spiritual equivalent of earth,we evolve through the spiritual equivalent of water. This period of spirit development will be presided over by Aries.
Hidden or secret,known only to initiates; dark,mysterious. (In common usage,"occult" often implies the demonic,but this was not Steiner's intention is using this word (okkulte),as he did innumerable times in his writings and lectures.) Also see "occultism".
"See White Brotherhood." 73 p. 148[In occult teachings,including Steiner's,the White Brotherhood is generally an occult league of the good powers; the true,hidden government of the world.]
Becoming initiated in occult spiritual knowledge,gaining admittance into occultists' inner circles. Occult initiation is a central goal for Anthroposophists; most Anthroposophists and many Waldorf teachers consider themselves to be occult initiates.
Hidden or secret knowledge,possessed only by initiates; especially secret knowledge of spiritual matters.
Meeting places of spirits possessing occult knowledge; there are both good (white) and bad (black) occult lodges,Steiner said.
Unorthodox medical practices based on occult spiritual knowledge or beliefs. Such medicine is generally practiced in Anthroposophical communities; see "Anthroposophical medicine".