"The sacred writing of Islam." 73 p. 174
"See Cabala." 73 p. 173[Cabala (or Caballa,Kaballah,Qabalah) is the Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible.]
"In astrology,one quarter of the twelve houses of the Zodiac's circle." 80 p. 238
"Those concepts in the theories of Theosophy,Anthroposophy,and Eastern doctrine which perceive man as a union of four basic components...physical body,etheric or life body,astral or soul body,and 'I' the egoic [sic]." 80 p. 238
A seeker,inquirer,or plaintiff.
"[The Mexican/Aztec] god of good,of light,of peace,of the arts and crafts...." 80 p. 239
"In horary astrology[
"The mystical arrangements of five elements,which could be five colors,five planets,or five occult innovations." 80 p. 239
"[T]he fifth element...the celestial ether or astral light that fills the universal space ... [I]t is believed to contain the total secrets of ESP and the complete domain of the occult." 80 p. 240