"An important mystical letter ... [C]onverted into numbers (3x7) it equals 21 ... [A]lchemists considered it a potent letter." 80 p. 318
"Unidentified Flying Objects [sic]." 73 p. 221 "Sound evidence can be found for the existence of these unheralded objects...." 73 p. 85
"Union of Spiritual Mediums." 80 p. 323
"One of the interior demons of Hell...." 80 p. 318
"A capacity for obtaining information...by the employment of a perceptive faculty other than those of the recognized senses...." 80 p. 318
In Anthroposophy: the sentient soul. The first of our soul members,Steiner said; it forms feelings and concepts. It fully incarnates in modern humans at about age 28.
"[D]omain below the earth where the souls of the dead sojourn." 80 p. 319
"One of the elementals ... [S]pirit of the water,a nymph" 80 p. 319
"[D]evelopment of personal psychic or spiritual powers." 73 p. 221 [More generally in Anthroposophy,unfoldment is the incarnation and development of a faculty,member,or capacity.]