"(Hinduism) In Vedic religion this is the Logos...." 80 p. 323 [Actually,Vac is the Hindu goddess of speech.]
Usually viewed askance by Steiner's followers: It can interfere with karma and may be Ahrimanic,according to Anthroposophy.
Space devoid of matter,including air. It enables demons to incarnate,Steiner said.
"(Zoroastrianism) The evil ruler whose power [would be conferred] on Zarathustra,if he would curse Ahura Mazda." 80 p. 323
"(Hinduism) The abominable river...which must be crossed to reach the underworld." 80 p. 323
"In ancient Scandinavian mythology,the haven of the dead heroes...." 80 p. 324 [In Norse myths,Valhalla is the hall of Odin where dead heroes are gathered,awaiting the beginning of Ragnarök.]
"In Norse mythology,the beautiful maidens...who attend the fields of war,choosing who are to be killed...." 80 p. 324
"[A] night-wandering blood-sucking [sic] ghost or a dead person who returns from the grave with the malefic desire to suck the blood of sleeping persons...." 80 p. 324
"(Hinduism) [T]he divinity of the night and the waters,the god of the subconscious level of the soul...." 80 p. 324
"The spirit of the crystal which is called on by the crystal-gazer...." 80 p. 324