"Some healers have claimed this power,which enables them to see the affected organs within the body." 73 p. 232[X-ray vision is generally described as the ability to see through solid objects.]
"Famous in the war of the angels against heaven for his desire to set fire to heaven." 80 p. 345[According to some esotericists,Xaphan is a fallen angel,a cohort of Satan; he and Satan rebelled against God's rule in heaven,and were expelled. Also see "Luciferic rebellion".]
"The phenomena [sic] of speaking in tongues unknown to the medium [i.e.,in a trance,the medium speaks a language s/he does not know]." 73 p. 232
"In the Aztec religion the god of young vegetation ... Symbolically [representing] the emergence of new life to replace the old." 80 p. 346
"In the Aztec religion the 'Fire Snake
"A form of divination which involved tossing sticks or twigs on the ground...." 80 p. 346