"(Tibetanism) One of the four female divinities who preside over the seasons of the year...." 80 p. 347
Jehovah. According to Steiner,Jehovah — a rather lowly god,the god of the Jews — dwells on the Moon. Also see "God","Jehovah","Yhva","YHWH".
"The first grade of Yoga consisting of ten rules [of proper conduct]...." 73 p. 232
"(Judaism) ... [T]he 'Days of Awe.' It represents a period of ten days preceding the solemn holy day of Yom Kippur." 80 p. 347 [This period is usually known as the Days of Atonement.]
"In the popular belief of many Christians...to yawn was dangerous,for it permitted demons to enter the body." 80 p. 348
"[T]o dream of getting a yellow object was a sign the person would soon possess gold." 80 p. 349
Steiner sometimes subdivided modern humans into three races: white,black,and yellow. The latter race consists of Asians.
"Kabbalistic [sic: Cabalistic] idea of the archetypal world,somewhat akin to the astral sphere." 73 p. 232
"In Scandinavian mythology this is the colossal evergreen ash tree,the three gigantic roots of which bind together Asgard,Midgard,and Nifleheim — heaven,earth,and hell." 80 p. 349 [It is more accurate to say that Yggdrasil's roots extend to the realms of the gods,giants,and humans.]
"Jehovah,the early tribal god and special protector of the Jews in the Old Testament." 73 p. 232 [In the Bible,Jehovah is the one and only Lord God of the universe; in Anthroposophy,he is one of many gods. Also see "God","Jehovah","Yahweh","YHWH".]