German,Gesamtausgabe: total works. Steiner's books and lectures,etc.,have been collected and tagged with GA numbers,indicating their place in his total output. For instance,GA 13 is his book OCCULT SCIENCE - AN OUTLINE.
According to Steiner: the Archangel of the Moon,who was Time Archangel from about 1500 to 1879 AD.
In Greek mythology: the personified Earth,the Earth Goddess. According to some ecological theorists,the name can be applied to the Earth as a unified,living organism.
"This is,in astronomy,the gravitational center of the Sun's revolutions." 80 p. 105[A more correct definition is that a galactic center is the point around which a galaxy rotates.]
Huge systems of stars held together by gravitational attraction. Our own galaxy is called the Milky Way; other galaxies are enormously distant. Steiner rarely recognized the existence of multiple galaxies: His focus was on our solar system,which he sometimes called a galaxy or the universe. Science currently teaches that there are about 200 billion stars in the Milky Way and about 100 billion other galaxies each containing approximately the same number of stars as the Milky Way.
"Vedic divinities of the atmosphere...." 80 p. 106
"In the tradition of Judaic mysticism,it represents the occult arts." 80 p. 106 [In various religious traditions,humanity is described as having begun its existence in a blissful garden; redeemed humanity is also often described as ascending to such a garden in a spiritual afterlife. The Talmudic conception of the Garden of Delight refers to the latter vision.]
In the biblical account of the Creation: the paradise in which Adam and Eve lived before they sinned or fell,and were expelled.
Waldorf schools often have biodynamic gardens in which students may be required to work.
"The occult powers of this vegetable have made it...a protection against vampires and the 'evil eye.'" 80 p. 106