Primal Turanians: one of the sub-races said,by Steiner and others,to have existed on Atlantis.
In Anthroposophy: Christ's ministry on Earth,during which he established the correct pattern for future human evolution; it culminated in the Mystery of Golgotha.
"(Buddhism) Before his incarnation Buddha was domiciled in this heaven...." 80 p. 316 [Buddhist tradition systematizes Eastern cosmological concepts,in which there are many heavens. Tushita is one of the most important. Others include the Heaven of the Thirty-Three Gods and the Heaven of the Four Guardian Kings.]
"That divinity,saint,or spirit acting as the guardian of an individual,a place,or thing." 80 p. 316
An extremely potent number in esotericism. It is the number of signs in the zodiac,the number of tribes of Israel,the number of Hercules' labors,the number of Christ's apostles,the number of months in the year,etc. It is the product of three times four,which Steiner said are the numbers of divinity revealing itself (three) and the cosmos or creation (four). Also see "seven" (which is the sum of three plus four).
In Anthroposophy: the physical human body has twelve major components,each of which is subject to the astrological influence of one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.
Ragnarök,the cataclysmic world-shattering war described in Norse myths.
"Occult term for a psychic affinity [between two souls]." 73 p. 221
In occultism,this is called the number of revelation,according to Steiner.
"The goddess of good luck in ancient Greece and Rome." 80 p. 317