"(Hinduism,Buddhism) A large body of works,outside the Vedic tradition,which are dialogues between Siva and his wife." 80 p. 295
"Chinese word for Logos,the Absolute,or the course of nature...." 73 p. 211 [Tao is the ultimate principle underlying the universe,unifying opposites,and representing "the way" — the correct path through life,in harmony with nature.]
"The essence of Tao (q.v.),the center at which all infinities and distinctions merge and disappear." 80 p. 295
A Chinese philosophy based on the writings of the sage Lao Tzu (6th century BCE),who advocated piety and humility.
"Yoga exercises designed to free the spirit from the body." 73 p. 211
Egyptian symbol used in Anthroposophical Christmas symbology. Steiner it represents ancient Egyptian occult wisdom.
"[P]icture cards which have been used as a system of divination for thousands of years ... The symbolic figures on the cards represent the stages of man's destiny...being divided into the major arcana of 22 cards,and the minor arcana of 56 cards ... [T]he major arcana represent a far-ranging sweep of esoteric insight demanding close study." 80 p. 296
One of the 12 senses enumerated by Steiner: the sensation of flavor.
"In the ancient Persian religion of Mithras this was the blood baptism into the mysteries...." 80 p. 298
"Astrological sign (April 21-May 21) ... Qualities — strongly independent,forceful...warm,friendly ... [But] inflexible and stubborn; intense dispensers of enemies...." 80 p. 298