"The Toltec-Aztec god of gods,the sun-god...." 80 p. 302
"[A] worker or miracles or wonders." 80 p. 302 [The term is also a synonym for magician.]
"Miracle working,by superhuman aid." 73 p. 214
"[D]ivination by oracles believed to be divinely inspired." 80 p. 303
theophagy "The widely spread practice in the ancient world of eating the body of the god. In Christianity,the Eucharist...reflects this ancient practice...." 80 p. 303
"The miraculous evocation of a god to a human being." 80 p. 303 [As more commonly understood: the manifestation of a god in perceptible form.]
In common usage,and as often used by Anthroposophists: a speculation,perhaps unfounded. In science: an explanation of phenomena,based on solid evidence. In a scientific context,the word "theory" does not denote great uncertainty. See "scientific theory".
"Mme Blavatsky,a founder...defined it as 'Wisdom Religion or Divine Wisdom' ... It teaches a doctrine of compulsory reincarnation,and the development of latent psychic powers." 73 p. 214[Steiner headed the German branch of Theosophy before breaking away to set up Anthroposophy. Many Anthroposophical doctrines stem from Theosophy.]
In Anthroposophical practice: curative eurythmy,eurythmy used as a spirit-imbued form of physical therapy.
"[W]orshipping the gods in the form of animals." 80 p. 304 [As more commonly understood: animal worship.]