Generally abhorred in Waldorf circles — like other high-tech products,it is deemed to arise from the realm of Ahriman.
Four human personality types associated with humours (i.e.,bodily fluids): sanguine (blood),choleric (yellow bile),melancholic (black bile),phlegmatic (phlegm). Waldorf teachers often segregate students by temperament.
In Anthroposophy: one of our 12 senses — warmth sense,sensitivity to temperature.
In Anthroposophy and Theosophy: the etheric body.
"In religion and mysticism this number represents both totality and completion." 80 p. 300
According to Steiner: ourselves,deified and ascendant: the rank we will assume when we become gods.
"Divination which studies the ashes of the fire remaining from the bodies of the sacrifice." 80 p. 300
"One of the greatest of all works on astrology,which is recognized as truly the bible for astrologers ... [A] four-volume book written by Claudius Ptolemy." 80 p. 301
"For the Cabalists...the 'ineffable name' of God by which all the powers of the universe could be controlled...JHWH,YHVH,or YHWH. In English...Jehovah." 80 p. 301
Generally,mainstream textbooks are not used in Waldorf schools — they tend to contain knowledge that does not conform to the Waldorf perspective.