In Anthroposophy: Lunar Pitris — gods one level higher than humanity. Essentially equivalent to Angels,they are among the lowest-level gods of the Third Hierarchy.
In Theosophy,Lords of the Moon — generally,Lunar Pitris.
"[T]his fabulous creature...which came from a cock's egg hatched by a serpent...could kill by its mere look or breath." 80 p. 24[Basilisks are often depicted as enormous,ferocious lizards,sometimes winged.]
"Used by Romans in funeral feasts ... Pythagoras and Plato condemned bean-eating,since it corrupted the truth of dreams." 80 p. 25[Steiner taught that beans do not provide nourishment for the head.]
The Antichrist. In Anthroposophy,this is Sorat — although Ahriman sometimes functions as a secondary Antichrist.
In Waldorf belief,beauty — especially as embodied in art — is an avenue to the spirit realm. Outer beauty generally reflects inner — spiritual — beauty,Steiner indicated.
The Devil. In Anthroposophy,he is identified as Ahriman.
According to Steiner,a beehive is more highly evolved than humans; bees embody cosmic wisdom.
In general,belief is acceptance of a statement as true or of a phenomenon as actual. Religious belief is generally the acceptance of the teachings of a particular religion. Belief is either the same as faith or,when a distinction is drawn,belief is more specific: It is acceptance of particular religious teachings,while faith may be deemed a more general trust in a religious perspective. Also see "faith".
"[D]ivination by arrows...." 80 p. 26