In Waldorf schools,a "block" is a period of a few weeks during which a subject is taught as the main lesson — i.e.,the first and longest lesson on the day. The subject is dropped after three or four weeks,to recur in another block months later.
In Waldorf schools: notebooks created by the students recording the material covered during a "block." Generally,the contents are careful copies of text and illustrations put on the chalkboard by the teachers. Also see "class books".
In Anthroposophy: a spiritually significant bodily fluid,carrier of the "I"; it may vaporize,becoming spirit. Different peoples and races have different blood types,Steiner taught.
"Colors clairvoyantly perceived have a generally recognized significance ... Pale blue is supposed to be the color of healing and spirituality." 73 p. 30
"Northern Buddhist conception of High Beings who sacrifice their attainment of Nirvana in order to incarnate as saints,out of compassion for mankind." 73 p. 31
"A term having different meanings in the various supernatural disciplines ... (See: Astral Body,Astral Projection,Astral Shells,Double,Etheric Body.)" 73 p. 31[According to Anthroposophy,a fully incarnated human being has four bodies: the physical,etheric,astral,and ego bodies. The latter three are invisible,and they incarnate successively at about the ages of 7,14,and 21. The Waldorf curriculum is geared to the birth of these "higher" or "subtle" bodies.]
The "wombs" within which the etheric,astral,and ego bodies develop.
According to Steiner: the lowest division in the ninefold nature of man; above it are soul nature and spirit nature.
Steiner taught that some forms of thinking occur in the bones,and some knowledge is carried in the bones; but modern people have largely lost such powers of thought and such knowledge,he said.