According to Steiner,they should be true Anthroposophists. Usually some non-Anthroposophists serve on Waldorf faculties,if only briefly,but Waldorf faculties are usually led and largely staffed by Anthroposophists,as Steiner specified.
Generally,these are new schools that aspire to become full-fledged Waldorf schools; they are often deeply (if covertly) invested in Anthroposophy.
"One of the four great nights for the assembly of witches...." 80 p. 335 [In German folklore: April 30 — May Day's eve.]
"[T]he most common magical instrument in legend,as well as in actual magical practice ... [A] symbol of the will." — J. M. Greer,THE NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE OCCULT (Llewllyn Publications,2009),p. 508. A long thin rod or stick,a wand is used for casting spells.
According to Steiner: the culminating war that will end our present period of evolution,the seventh cultural epoch of the fourth stage of form; comparable to Ragnarök. (The term "war of all against all" was originally used by Thomas Hobbes to describe the condition of humanity before the institution of civili government.)
"A skilled demon conjurer...." 80 p. 335 [More commonly,the term applies to a male witch,a sorcerer.]
According to Steiner: one of our 12 senses,able to detect both physical and spiritual (soul) temperature.
According to Steiner: the first of four subdivisions of ether; it causes air to expand and is the embodiment of the "element" known as fire.
In Anthroposophy,drawing from ancient teachings: one of the four elements,home to undines.
According to Steiner: the rarefied,more elevated variant of the element called water.