According to Steiner: an ocult league of the good powers; the true,hidden government of the world. Also see "White Lodge".
"(Cabalism) A term to express,in certain esoteric relationships,the ineffable,the infinite,the unknowable...." 80 p. 338
In Anthroposophy: the occult lodge of the good powers. Also see "White Brotherhood".
In esoteric tradition: good magic,magic performed by "white" (i.e.,good) magicians; the reverse of black magic.
A good occultist,according to Steiner.
According to Steiner: the good,upward path to spiritual evolution.
The most evolved race,the race that is creating spiritual realities,according to Steiner. It consists of Caucasians,chiefly Europeans.
"The Christ-like [sic] development of the individual,one who in esoteric Christian doctrine has achieved the higher ego." 80 p. 338
"A new breed of witches who practice a benevolent assistance program." 80 p. 338
Pentecost,a Christian festival honoring the Holy Ghost. The festival is often observed in Waldorf schools,but in accordance with Anthroposophical doctrine it is reformulated as a celebration of clairvoyance and the formative powers of human speech.