"In astrology ... Cancer,Capricorn,and Pisces." 80 p. 336
Waldorf Early Education Association of North America.
A medical doctor credited with co-founding Anthroposophical medicine alongside Steiner.
A firm producing Anthroposophical medicines and other preparations such as beauty products.
A form of vocal production that seeks to express the inner,spiritual significance of song. It is named for the Swedish singer Valborg Werbeck-Svardstrom.
"This old Germanic term is a compound of words meaning 'man' and 'wolf.' The mythologies of northern Europe related tales of persons who for a short time,or permanently,were transformed into wolves,or had the occult power to assume the form of the animal." 80 p. 337
A watercolor technique intended,in Waldorf schools,to suggest the nature of the spirit realm: a place of colors and tones but no distinct forms.
"Traditional pictorial representation of the eastern doctrine of reincarnation." 73 p. 229
In Theosophy: vortexes,centers of revolving forces. In Anthroposophy: nonphysical organs,chakras.
The color of virtue and truth,Steiner said.