A child's first set of teeth; they are given great importance at Waldorf schools. Replacement of baby teeth by adult teeth is believed to signal the incarnation of the etheric body.
Dionysus: Greek god of fertility and,later,wine.
Disease-causing bacteria. According to Steiner,they are Ahrimanic. See "Ahriman".
According to Steiner: souls lagging behind in evolution or spiritual development.
According to Anthroposophical teachings: races that embody evil human impulses,in particular materialism (i.e.,the denial of spirituality).
Abnormal,evil souls lagging behind in evolution,according to Anthroposophical teachings.
One of our twelve senses,according to Steinerr; it functions under the aegis of the constellation Capricorn.
"The ancient Norse god...the god of light,joy,kindness and wisdom." 80 p. 22 [In some tellings,he was also the god of lust. In Anthroposophy,he is a Christ figure,and as such he is often referred to as the Sun God. However,Freyr — the god of fertility promoted by rain and sunshine — is also sometimes called the Sun God.]
"A peculiar sensation of pressure often felt around the head during phases of mediumistic development [i.e.,development as a medium]." 73 p. 24
"A group of spirit people working with a medium to achieve a definite purpose...." 73 p. 25["Spirit people