"A very inclusive term utilized by many occult schools and religions ... Mainly,it refers to the ascending grades or stages of the universe's development and also of the spiritual,mystical,and occult ascent of the adept." 80 p.161
"Divination by this [insect] in which the captured insect was bidden to fly 'north,south,east,or west'...." 80 p. 161
"[P]riest of esoteric Buddhism...." 73 p. 115
"In Tibet,Lamaism represents the body of religious doctrines and institutions which was derived from Mahayana Buddhism...." 80 p. 162
"An epithet referring to Christ." 80 p. 162[This usage derives from the Passover lamb (Exodus 12:1-13; I Corinthians 5:7) — a suffering servant who is led to the slaughter.]
"A child-stealing demon...." 80 p. 162
Created and bestowed by the gods,Steiner said; it is a formative,creative power. The gods often create by speaking their thoughts. Humans share this power to some degree,Steiner said,and we will share it more when we evolve higher.
One of the 12 senses,according to Steiner — the "sense" that enables us to find meaning in language.
In Waldorf schools: a Martinmas observance — the children make lanterns and carry them outdoors on a dark night. "The light in the lantern symbolizes the fact that in the dark season the light of the summer sun has gradually descended into the earth and then,through Advent,is born again within." — H. v. Oort,ANTHROPOSOPHY A-Z (Sophia Books,2011),pp. 104-105
"[F]amiliar household gods...." 80 p. 163