The second being who,Anthroposophists believed,gave Steiner occult initiation; thought to be Christian Rosenkreutz. Steiner is said to have received his first,lower initiation from Felix Koguski.
In Anthroposophy: the universe,the human being writ large. See "microcosm and macrocosm".
"The general name for witch,but particularly a hedonistic witch." 80 p. 173.
"A learned class of the ancient Medes and Persians who studied and practised magic." 73 p. 125[In Christian tradition,the "three wisemen" or "three kings" who traveled to attend the birth of Jesus were the "Magi." In Waldorf schools,their story is portrayed in the "Kings' Play".]
"The art of the supernormal ... [Types include] Sympathetic magic ... White magic ... Black magic." 73 p. 125[In general,"magic" can be defined as the use of mysterious or supernatural powers to affect people,objects,or events.]
"[S]orcerers,shamans,and wizards since ancient times have used the circle drawn around themselves or others as a kind of supernatural defense against demons." 80 p. 52
In various forms of esotericism: mysterious words,acronyms,or secret signs that,once decoded,confer great spiritual wisdom and/or power.
"In alchemy,a term describing the 'process' that led to knowledge of the Philosopher's Stone." 80 p. 175[In more common usage,"magisterium" refers to the authoritative,official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.]
In Anthroposophy: a force in the realm of sub-nature,ruled by demons. Magnetism is a perverse over-densification of sound ether,Steiner indicated.
In Theosophy and Anthroposophy: a level of consciousness/blessedness above the Para-Nirvana Plane (the realm of liquid beings) — it is the realm of living solid beings.