"(Taoism) [An] occult term ... Basically it refers to external alchemy...enabling the practitioner to attain Tao." 80 p. 334
Social groupings centered on Waldorf schools. The schools are often just one component of a broader effort to establish Anthroposophical institutions of various types,with an ultimate aim of remaking human society generally.
An online discussion group,focused on Waldorf education,associated with People for Legal and Non-Sectarian schools (PLANS).
The sequence of courses and activities usually followed in Waldorf schools,intended to foster human capabilities as described in the doctrines of Anthroposophy. There is heavy emphasis on art,for its presumed spiritual effects,and imagination,which in Anthroposophy is considered a form of — or a precursor to — clairvoyance.
An Anthroposophical group that focuses on the earliest periods of childhood,promoting Steiner educational approaches for the rearing of very young children.
The purpose of Waldorf schooling is only tangentially related to ordinary education (i.e.,conveying knowledge and preparing children for life in the real world). Waldorf schools exist to spread Anthroposophy,covertly or otherwise,and to bring the "benefits" of Anthroposophy to children.
Parents of Waldorf students are usually expected to make a deep commitment — financial and otherwise — to their schools. However,until/unless they show clear signs of adopting Anthroposophy,they will probably be treated as outsiders and much may be concealed from them.
The first Waldorf school,overseen by Rudolf Steiner,opened in Germany in 1919. It took its name from a cigarette factory,whose owner underwrote the school. Many Waldorf schools still use the Waldorf name,but some call themselves Steiner or Steiner Waldorf schools,and others have wholly different names (Shining Star School,Misty Vale School,etc.).
Steiner schools,Steiner Waldorf schools: institutions based on Anthroposophy,intended to deliver the "benefits" of Anthroposophy to children and,more generally,to implement and spread Anthroposophy.
Children attending Waldorf schools are usually exposed to many Anthroposophical beliefs,although often the process is covert and indirect. Indoctrination occurs especially in the lower grades. Waldorf students are often denied ordinary academic schooling while their teachers focus on their souls,spirits,invisible bodies,temperaments,etc.,as conceived in Anthroposophy.