"One of the great systems of mysticism ... Although based on Jewish doctrine,it has taken important elements from gnosticism,Neoplatonism,and oriental mysticism ... Teaching a way that leads to oneness with God,the Cabala describes ten intermediary emanations...." 73 p. 37 [Cabala (or Caballa,Kaballah,Qabalah) is the Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible. Today it is largely found in Hasidism.]
"A small space,usually enclosed by a curtain,in which most materialization mediums claim to condense the psychic energy necessary for a manifestation." 80 p. 39
"The Wand of Mercury symbol,a rod entwined by a dark and a light serpent ... All that pertains to earth life,as distinct from the spiritual world [is symbolized] ... [It is] a symbol of disease and cure." 73 p. 37[The caduceus is often used as a symbol of healing,and as a representation of the medical profession.]
According to the Book of Genesis: the first son of Adam and Eve; he killed his brother Abel. According to Steiner,Cain represents the male principle,whereas Abel represents the female principle.
"(Hinduism) The state of superconsciousness [sic] close to the essential core of the Absolute Spirit." 80 p. 40
A series of 52 verses created by Steiner to lead Anthroposphists through the cycle of the year.
Golgotha,the site of the Crucifixion.
Name attached to Anthroposophical communities. Therapy for the disabled is often offered. The name derives from the Camphill Estate in Aberdeen,Scotland.
A disease marked by rapid,malignant cell proliferation and growth. According to the Waldorf belief system,cancer can be cured by mistletoe.
"Astrological sign (June 22nd-July 23rd) ... [People born under this sign] show unusual enduring love,are fond of tradition,travel,seascapes...[but they are] hermit-like...too changeable and restless...." 80 p. 42