"The powerful Sumerian god...the god of waters beneath the earth...the god of beneficence,but also of cunning and deceit...." 80 p. 82
"[O]ne of the most ancient symbols of the supernatural and the occult...." 80 p. 82 [According to Steiner,the "eagle" is one of the four group souls shared by early humans; it is the soul of those who have a special ability to rise above the earthly.]
Waldorf schools frequently offer preschool activities and gatherings,but generally they do not provide early instruction in subjects such as reading or writing.
The planet on which we live now. "Present Earth
Soil: one of the four "elements
In Anthroposophy: the ethereal form of the element known as earth.
In Anthroposophy: the goddess who is,or who personifies,the Earth. She is known as Demeter,Gaia,Mary,and other names.
"All that pertains to the ordinary earth life,as distinct from the spirit world." 73 p. 68
In general,the Earth plane or the portion of reality circumscribed by earthly — physical,mundane — existence. But there are variations in esoteric accounts. If a planet's "sphere" is the portion of the solar system enclosed by the planet's orbit,then the Earth sphere is everything in the solar system within about 93
Ahrimanic beings that dwell below the surface of the Earth,according to Steiner.