"The mystic bird in the occultism of the Asian nations." 80 p. 121
"(Zoroastrianism) The star constellation that surrounds the doorway to hell." 80 p. 122
The purported music,inaudible by ordinary hearing,created by the motions of the celestial spheres and/or their resident spirits. In some traditions,it is said to be responsible for the creation of the physical universe. Some esotericists equate it with the Godhead.
Mystical,fundamentalist Jewish movement,found today primarily in Israel and New York.
A form of watercolor painting meant to be guided by unconscious spiritual insight.
"Yoga pathway by means of physical culture and health discipline." 73 p. 92
"Regular supernatural disturbances commonly attributed to spirits of the dead." 73 p. 92
"(Judaism) ... Ezekiel and Isaiah ... In Christian occultism [the Hayoth] are the Evangelists...." 80 p. 122
According to Steiner,a metamorphosed cuttlefish; not the center of true cognition.
A Waldorf motto,meant to indicate that the schools educate the whole child. In practice,emphasis on the heart and hands means downplaying the importance of academics and intellect.