Seed-bearing plants without woody stems; they die to the ground after flowering. Anthroposophical medicine relies heavily on the use of herbs. A treatment for cancer,for instance,entails use of mistletoe. (Steiner said that he received his first occult initiation from an herb collector,Felix Koguzki.)
In Anthroposophical belief,inherited characteristics are far less important than karma.
Ancient Greek messenger god; according to Steiner,a student of Zarathustra and an early apprehension of Christ.
"This expressed the relationship of Macrocosm to Microcosm...'as above,so below.'" 80 p. 125[Steiner taught that the human being is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm or universe. The hermetic axiom is also reflected in other Anthroposophical teachings.]
"In the Cabala the masculine energy of justice,peace,and love...." 80 p. 126
"The practice of witchcraft." 80 p. 126
Any figure made of six straight lines. A six-pointed star made in this way is often called the Star of David. In Anthroposophy,a six-pointed star is the framework for the astral body. Sixty-four figures each consisting of six straight lines (whole or broken) occur in the I CHING.
"In theosophy...the degrees,grades,and levels of evolving entities...." 80 p. 126 [Steiner identified nine ranks of gods divided into three groupings called hierarchies: the first (highest),second (middle),and third (lowest). Also in Anthroposophy,the term "hierarchies" is sometimes used as a synonym for "gods."]
"A term often used by controls of trance mediums. It is descriptive of the integration between the different spirit planes of existence...a chain of communication through the spheres to the medium on the earth plane." 73 p. 95
"In poltergeistic phenomena and in seances,the writing that is produce without a medium or any physical agent." 80 p. 126[According to more conventional usage,hieroglyphs are a stylized pictures — words or sounds — in writing systems that do not use alphabets. See,e.g.,the writing system of ancient Egypt.]