"This branch of astrology deals with the problems or questions asked by a querent (q.v.)...." 80 p. 130
"An occult sign that renders the Devil powerless,made by depressing the middle fingers and the thumb while raising both the index and little fingers." 80 p. 130
"A symbolic map of the heavens at a particular moment,drawn by an astrologer...for the purpose of interpreting an alleged correlation between the positions of the celestial bodies and earthly tendencies at that time." 73 p. 98
"In astrology...houses are divisions referring to the time involved in the earth's daily rotation ... [T]hey cover a two-hour segment...." 80 p. 131[Each house spans a twelfth of the zodiac and is represented by one astrological sign. Generally,the houses are 1: Aries 2: Taurus 3: Gemini 4: Cancer 5: Leo 6: Virgo 7: Libra 8: Scorpio 9: Sagittarius 10: Capricorn 11: Aquarius 12: Pisces.]
The soul or deva of a structure built to be occupied by humans.
This is one title for the seminal Steiner text otherwise known as KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER WORLDS AND ITS ATTAINMENT or simply KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER WORLDS. In it,Steiner prescribes spiritual exercises meant to foster clairvoyance and,through it,knowledge of the spirit realm.
"(Taoism) The original or intuitive mind of man...." 80 p. 131
"The term central to Taoism means the 'mystery of mysteries,the gate of all existence'...the Supremely Profound Principle." 80 p. 132
Ancient Egyptian god associated with the Sun. In Anthroposophy,Hu is deemed an early vision of Christ.
In Anthroposophic belief,the entire universe — or at least the solar system — was created so that human beings can exist and evolve. Humans are the center of creation. The universe or macrocosm is the human being or microcosm writ large. The gods above us were once human before evolving higher; we will follow them and become gods — ultimately the highest god.