One of the most important of the many heavens described in Eastern cosmology: the dwelling place of gods who watch over human affairs in the mundane world,noting the good and evil done.
"In Gnosticism the psychic,astral or soul-region,or body of man." 80 p. 123
members of a semitic people traditionally said to descend from the patriarch Abraham. According to Steiner,there is no reason for the continued existence of this people or their culture.
In Norse myths: the white god who guards the bridge to Asgard.
"In Norse mythology,the Queen of the Land of the Dead...." 80 p. 124
Ancient Greek Sun God — in Anthroposophy,a vision of Christ.
Like heaven,hell does not exist as a location,according to Anthroposophical doctrine. However,something very like it does — the abyss and/or the Eighth Sphere.
"Term for a discarnate entity...who is eager to assist a subject in a humble way." 73 p. 95
"The use of the sheep's liver in divination...." 80 p. 124
"Abyssum [sic] in the four corners of a house exorcises evil spirits." 80 p. 125