The 13 nights between Christmas and Epiphany. In Anthroposophical lore,the Earth holds its breath during this period,nature spirits are busy preparing for spring,and human dream life intensifies.
The Christian triune God is believed to have three members or persons — Father,Son,and Holy Ghost. In Hinduism,the gods Brahma,Vishnu,and Shiva comprise a trinity of creation,preservation,and destruction. In Anthroposophy,the Holy Trinity consists of the creative forces of the physical world,the divine forces imminent in the present,and the divinity yet to be realized in the future. The three divinities seen as a single triune God in Christianity are separate gods in Anthroposophy,although — as in Hinduism — they may be seen as comprising the Godhead.
"A dedicated group of about seven friends,meeting regularly but unobtrusively...united in their belief that spirit helpers are ready to uplift them and stimulate their efforts to serve humanity or to develop their psychic powers...." 73 p. 97
In Anthroposophy,generally: souls who do not feel "at home" on the physical plane during Earthly incarnation.
Treating diseases with tiny doses of the substances that cause the diseases. Anthroposophical medicine includes some homeopathic practices.
"A term used in Jewish mysticism to refer to...androids. [sic]" 80 p. 129 [More commonly,a homunculus is a tiny human or humanoid figure.]
"In ancient times...honey was considered a heavenly gift with religious qualities. It was believed to have dripped from trees in the Golden Age; that being heavenly it has mystic virtues and was therefore used in drinking to the dead." 80 p. 129
An enigmatic Norse god,rarely mentioned in the myths. In Anthroposophical interpretations,he bequeathed imagination to humanity.
"In evil spirit." 80 p. 130