According to Steiner: one of the 12 justified world conceptions; it holds that everything in existence is an embodiment of an idea.
"A term for ectoplasm with the additional implication that it is capable of being moulded into any desired shape." 73 p. 103
"Demonic female spirits in Germanic mythology." 80 p. 136
"The Gnostic term for...the archetypal first man...." 80 p. 137
"[M]alevolent spirits who never permit use them as familiars...." 80 p. 137
"Peculiar lights which appear in cemeteries or marshy places ... [S]ome sensitives claim to see [such] lights where sudden death has occurred." 73 p. 103
In Waldorf belief,illness comes,at least in part,from karma,astrology,and other esoteric influences. Your karma,for instance,may require you to undergo certain illnesses. Thus,illness is often deemed a blessing.
"The brotherhood of the enlightened adepts in the occult arts which flourished in Spain and France throughout the latter part of the 15th century and the 16th. Rosicrucians also called themselves by this name." 80 p. 137
In many forms of esotericism,the physical realm is deemed a region of maya or illusion. An extreme position is that nothing physical actually exists — it is wholly illusory.
"The virgin who falls from heaven into the sea before Finnish mythology...." 80 p. 138