"(Hinduism) ... [T]he god of the sky,the sovereign of the world...the hurler of thunderbolts." 80 p. 140
"Mediums often refer to spirit influences,usually meaning impression or clairsentience." 80 p. 140
"One admitted to knowledge of occult mysteries by systematic psychic development." 73 p. 106[In Anthroposophy,becoming an occult initiate is considered a necessary step in one's spiritual advancement. Waldorf faculty members often consider themselves to be occult initiates.]
The process of becoming an initiate. Steiner outlines the process of Anthroposophical initiation in his book HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS,which sometimes bears the subtitle "A Modern Path of Initiation".
"Term used by the Society of Friends [i.e.,Quakers] that describes the human capacity for spiritual experience of God." 80 p. 141[The term is actually used widely,generally meaning personal spiritual enlightenment or revelation.]
Internal consistency. Anthroposophists often make the disputable claim that their belief system or "spiritual science" is distinguished by great inner logic. Cf. contradiction.
Steiner sometimes indicated that the outer human being consists of many tiny,inner human beings. In this sense,humans are composite beings.
According to Steiner: incorporeal organs that we develop after death as we rise through planetary spheres,particularly the spheres of Mars,Jupiter,and Saturn.
Vaccination; generally but not absolutely opposed by Anthroposophists,believing that it can interfere with karma.
"It has been said that mediumship is a threat to sanity. However,there is at present no definitive data on the subject." 80 p. 141