"[Receiving information] from unknown sources. This is an act of drawing-in mentally which parallels the physical concept of the drawing-in of breath." 73 p. 107[Steiner taught that imagination,inspiration,and intuition are primary forms of clairvoyance. Inspiration is "the second stage of initiation ... The initiate at this stage can perceive the living flux from which imaginations come into being." — H. v. Oort,ANTHROPOSOPHY A-Z (Sophia Books,2011),p. 61. Inspiration will be perfected during Old Venus,Steiner said; it is thus sometimes called "Venus consciousness."]
In Anthroposophy: an element of the will arising from the physical body.
"A term often used by a control when referring to the medium." 73 p. 108
"[O]ne of the most important aspects of occult medicine...[meaning] to breathe upon ... [A]n alternation of cold and warm blowings...is one of the most potent methods...." 80 p. 142
The faculty of reasoning and objective understanding; according to Steiner,in its standard form it is dangerous,unreliable,and damaging — it is a "gift" of Lucifer corrupted by Ahriman. Acceptable "intellect
In Anthroposophy: the mind soul,the second of three soul members,above the sentient soul and below the spirit soull. This soul is "intellectual" only in the altered,Anthroposophical sense — the mind subordinated to the heart,rationality subordinated to clairvoyance.
In Anthroposophy: the sixth of seven subdivisions of our condition of life,recapitulating Lower Spiritland at a higher level.
"Knowledge obtained without reasoning." 73 p. 109[Steiner taught that imagination,inspiration,and intuition constitute the three primary stages of clairvoyant consciousness. Intuition is the "third stage of initiation ... [T]he initiate is able to perceive not only the activity of spiritual beings but those beings themselves..." — H. v. Oort,ANTHROPOSOPHY A-Z (Sophia Books,2011),p. 61. We will perfect intuition during Future Vulcan,Steiner said; it is thus sometimes called "Vulcan consciousness".]
"In theosophy this is the sixth world,the one from which intuitions are received. The Buddhic Plane." 80 p. 142
"A preliminary prayer,usually spoken at the beginning of a religious service." 73 p. 109