"Clothed in flesh,a spirit animating an earthly body." 73 p. 105 [Also see "incarnation".]
In Anthroposophical belief: spiritual exercises meant to aid the process of incarnation.
Coming to possess a distinct form. In Anthroposophical doctrine,we gradually incarnate various members of our being. The etheric body incarnates around age 7,for instance,and the astral body around age 14. The goal of Waldorf schooling can be described as assisting children with their incarnations. Also in Anthroposophical doctrine,we reincarnate many times; each incarnation (which consists of several minor incarnations) is just one of our many lives.
"It is believed that certain Satanic figures on earth are incarnations of Satan; for example...Nero,Attila,Napoleon,Hitler and Stalin." 80 p. 139
In Anthroposophical doctrine,the major stages of our evolution (our conditions of consciousness) occur within a sequence of incarnations of the entire solar system. These are also known as planetary conditions. 1. Old Saturn 7. Future Vulcan 2. Old Sun 6. Future Venus 3. Old Moon 5. Future Jupiter 4. Present Earth⋯⋯The seven incarnations of the solar system according to Steiner.
"The catalytic knowledge in [sic] the occult which has been considered the magic code. Once this is solved,the occultist has deemed himself omnipotent." 80 p. 140
In some esoteric teachings: the invasion of a human body by a spirit that takes over control of the body.
"An evil spirit,a vampire ... It descended on sleeping persons,especially to have sexual intercourse with women...." 80 p. 140
In Anthroposophy: the first cultural epoch epoch here on the physical Earth,when ancient Indian culture was at its height.
Teaching uncritical acceptance of a body of doctrines. Critics say that Waldorf schools aim to indoctrinate students,their parents,and new faculty members.