The lowest primary form of clairvoyance,according to Anthroposophical doctrine. Waldorf schools emphasize imagination. It is "the first stage of initiation...clairvoyant imaginative perception [in which] imaginations can reveal their significance." — H. v. Oort,ANTHROPOSOPHY A-Z (Sophia Books,2011),p. 59. Steiner taught that all humans will possess heightened imagination when we proceed to Future Jupiter; hence,imagination is sometimes called "Jupiter consciousness".
Accurate images formed by imagination or clairvoyance — according to Steiner.
According to Steiner,imitation is the primary impulse and mode of existence for children during their first seven years. Waldorf teachers strive to give students the proper attitudes,feelings,and actions to imitate.
"In theology,the indwelling of Deity with the world. (Equivalent of pantheism.)" 73 p. 104
In Anthroposophy: wickedness,sin,or immorality is deemed essentially the failure to evolve in accordance with the divine cosmic plan.
Steiner taught that the human spirit is immortal,whereas the human soul ceases to exist after each incarnation — it is replaced by a new soul in the next incarnation.
A small,mischievous demon or sprite.
"The imitation by one spirit of another's person and character. This can happen in [seances]...." 80 p. 139
"[T]he process by which [disembodied] entities can influence the mind of a mediumistic person [i.e.,a medium]." 73 p. 105
"The expression of special formulae to achieve a magical effect through some supernatural powers...[such as] bewitching someone,or the exorcising of a demon." 80 p. 139