According to Steiner: the Saturn race (existing under the influence of Saturn); it is senescent and,in effect,extinct.
"(Hinduism,Buddhism) ... [C]elestial spirits who are superior to human beings,but of a lower order than gods." 80 p. 199
According to Steiner,ancient peoples had innate,unschooled clairvoyant powers that modern humans have largely lost. Cf. atavistic clairvoyance.
From an Anthroposophical perspective: the history of life on Earth as influenced by gods and nature spirits.
Ordinary science dealing with physical reality. (Cf. spiritual science.) From an Anthroposophical perspective,natural science is largely mistaken,although Steiner said that it will eventually confirm his occult teachings,and he sometimes claimed that his teachings are consistent with natural science.
In Anthroposophic belief,nature is to be revered as the condensation of spirit,but it is also to be mistrusted — it exists on the physical plane where maya prevails.
"Non-human spirits,rarely mentioned by spirit communicators ... Primitive peoples and occultists believe in powerful 'elemental' spirits,said to control natural forces." 73 p. 144 [In Anthroposophy,there are four primary forms of nature spirits (gnomes,sylphs,undines,and fire spirits) as well as numerous subsidiary types. Evil humans may descend so low as to become nature spirits. "Elementals" and "elemental beings" are other labels for nature spirits.]
In Waldorf classrooms: shelves,tables,or altars bearing natural objects and,sometimes,semi-religious accessories such as candelabra.
Anti-rational philosophy of nature that influenced Steiner. Its chief proponent was F. W. J. von Schelling.
German fascism,in some senses an antithesis of Anthroposophy,yet also overlapping Anthroposophy in various ways. Among other influences,Nazism had various occult roots.