"Oriental idea of the extinction of individuality without loss of consciousness." 73 p. 147[A transcendent state,beyond suffering,Nirvana is the goal of Buddhism.]
In Anthroposophy,generally: the highest plane of enlightenment and blessedness. (In early Theosophical teachings,Steiner put the Para-Nirvana Plane (the realm of liquid beings) above the Nirvana Plane (the realm of gaseous beings),but later he folded the two planes together as the Nirvana Plane.)
"In Germanic myth,evil water sprites...." 80 p. 204
"Second stage of Yoga. Withdrawal from the world,purification of the mind and attainment of contentment." 73 p. 147
In the Bible: a Hebrew patriarch,tenth in descent from Adam and Eve; he built the Ark. In Anthroposophy: an initiate from Atlantis; the Manu; he led survivors from Atlantis,Steiner said.
"In astrology,rays or lines of force which mainly come from the action of the moon...." 80 pp. 204-205
In Anthroposophic belief,humans have three nonphysical bodies in addition to the physical body: the etheric,astral,and ego bodies.
According to Steiner,normal beings are those who keep pace with evolution; generally,they are virtuous. Cf. abnormal.
"In Scandinavian and German mythology the semi-divine goddesses [sic] who seal the fate of men." 80 p. 205
Myths from northern Europe; the myths of the Norsemen (Scandinavians or Aryans,including Germans). These myths are given great emphasis in Waldorf schools because they supposedly present an accurate picture of spiritual evolution.