One of three human physiological systems,according to Steiner; this one consists of the nervous system and brain: the nerve system.
nerve system; nerve-senses system
"The seventh of the ten Sephiroth which signifies 'the lasting endurance' of God." 80 p. 202
The second part of the Christian Bible,containing books centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Steiner "corrected" it with his Fifth Gospel. (The first four books of the New Testament are referred to as the four Gospels).
"Persons possessing the rare faculty of being able to see in the dark." 80 p. 203
"In astrology,the six houses below the horizon...." 80 p. 203
"The recitation of sacred words,psalms,and special prayers to safeguard the sleeper against the evil devices of Satan." 80 p. 203
"See halo." 73 p. 146[You might also see "aura".]
"[T]he number of aspiration and wisdom and the 'harmony of harmony' since three times three equals nine." 80 p. 204
One of Steiner's descriptions of human nature. Our nine parts are physical nature,etheric nature,soul nature,sentient soul,intellectual soul,spiritual soul,spirit self,life spirit,and spirit man.