"In astrology,the sequence of signs which runs from Aries to Virgo." 80 p. 205
"Occult term denoting the first emanation from the Godhead." 73 p. 147 [More common definitions are that nous is mind or intellect or,sometimes,common sense.]
In Anthroposophy: a force in the realm of sub-nature,ruled by demons. Nuclear power is a perverse over-densification of life ether.
"Astrologers call this the earth's number,since it [sic: the Earth] is the center of the 12 houses." 80 p. 206
In Anthroposophical belief: one form of ether — chemical or sound or number ether,which helps densify spiritual essence to become physical.
"Throughout human history numbers have signified magical,mystical,and supra-mundane powers." 80 p. 206[In Anthroposophy,numbers have occult significance,and the study of numbers (mathematics) is meant to lead toward spiritual awareness and/or clairvoyance. Also see "numerology".]
"A study of the occult powers of numbers." 73 p. 147[In Anthroposophy,the line between numerology and mathematics often disappears.]
"Referring to the feeling of the mysterious,awe-inspiring,the holy and sacred,which is beyond all reason." 80 p. 206
In Anthroposophy: attractive nature spirits who dwell in water; undines.