"Divination by pretended conjuring up of the dead. A form of black magic." 73 p. 144
According to Steiner: childish and sexually supercharged,unevolved humans; Africans. He said they are the Mercury race (i.e.,chiefly influenced by Mercury).
"[A]ncient Greek divinity ... [I]n the main she represents retribution,or indignation by the gods at human arrogance." 80 p. 201
"A philosophical religion ... Really derived from [Asian] Indian sources,though claiming Plato's doctrines. It was based on mysticism...." 73 p. 145
"A candidate for initiation." 73 p. 145
"Divination by reading the portent of the clouds." 80 p. 201
a) Ancient Roman god of the sea. b) In astronomy: the eighth planet from the Sun. According to Steiner,it is not really part of the solar system.
a) In medical science: a fiber or bundle of fibers carrying sensory signals to the spine and brain,and sending impulses from there to the organs and muscles. b) In Anthroposophy: sensory equipment that serves the astral body.
In Anthroposophy: the nerve-senses system. It is not involved in true cognition,Steiner said. Nerves relay the activities of the astral body,he taught. True cognition is clairvoyance.
In Anthroposophy: the inner human being embodying the forces of sensation and "thinking" (which must be distinguished from true cognition).