"For the Cabalists the letter P symbolized the Messiah...whose name was Podeh." 80 p. 214
Religious beliefs outside the mainstream; not adhering to one of the major recognized religions. Anthroposophy mixes doctrines from many traditions,including pagan belief systems. Overall,because it diverges from the major religions,Anthroposophy may be termed a pagan creed.
"In India and Hindustan,these are devils." 80 p. 214
Waldorf schools often stress particular types of painting that are thought to have spiritual powers.
"(Zoroastrianism) Evil female beings whose entrancing beauty seduces men and drives them to commit degrading deeds." 80 p. 214
The Sunday before Easter; often celebrated in Waldorf communities as a springtime festival having both pagan and Christian elements.
"Divination by means of the lines and configurations of the hands." 73 p. 152
According to Anthroposophic belief: a detailed review of one's life,occurring immediately after death.
"The feeling that God is all and all is God,that God is immanent in all things...." 73 p. 153
A term Steiner used in his Theosophical period: the realm of fluid beings,above the Nirvana Plane (the realm of gaseous beings).