In Anthroposophic belief,very little is really dead or ever dies; virtually everything is alive; "dead" humans can be contacted.
Coordinating and certifying authority for Waldorf schools in Europe.
In Anthroposophy generally: shorthand for the fifth cultural epoch,the Anglo-Germanic age — the age in which we currently live. It will end in 3573 AD and be followed by the Russian Age,Steiner indicated.
"In astrology,this is the essential information by which to calculate [important matters]. Tables...are available in occult book stores [sic]." 80 p. 293 [An astrological table of houses lists the twelve signs of the zodiac ("houses") and provides astrologically significant information for each.]
"A practice found in most primitive tribes,based on a rule of prohibition,the violation of which brings an inviolable penalty...." 80 p. 293
In Anthroposophical belief: children aged 3 or so often draw human beings having only heads and limbs,no trunks. This is thought to mean that such children are still in a dream state,imbued with will,and should not be awakened or stimulated to think with their brains.
"An object which may be a stone,a ring,a pendant,etc.,possessing occult powers...." 80 p. 294
"Book of study...containing the fundamental principles of Jewish law." 73 p. 211
"A tree flourishing in the Mediterranean world...credited with extraordinary occult powers." 80 p. 294
"The Babylonian god of vegetation and springtime ... The mystery of his life and resurrection was re-enacted [sic] each year." 80 p. 294