"Astrological sign; (Mar. 22-April 20) ... qualities — ambitious,sincere,industrious,courageous,pioneering...[also] self-centered,unfeeling...." 80 p. 14
The study of numbers; generally not taught in Waldorf schools until at least age 7; then it is taught with mystical undertones.
"Divination by the use of numbers." 80 p. 14
In the Bible: the ship built by Noah to save his family and representative animals from the Flood. In Anthroposophy,this story is usually said to be a mythical representation of mankind's survival during the destruction of Atlantis.
"[A] method of divination involving the throwing of grains,dice or coins...." 73 p. 19
A legendary king of Britain; according to Steiner,a proto-Anthroposophical initiate.
One of four spiritual traditions Steiner claimed to unify in Anthroposophy; this one flows from Western Europe and is associated with King Arthur,Celts,and Druids.
"[S]orcery in general or the imaginary power of performing wonderful feats by means of assistance and help from evil spirits...." 80 p. 15 [In Anthroposophy,black arts and black magic are deemed real.]
Said of a school curriculum that emphasizes the arts. At Waldorf schools,the arts are meant to invoke,and give entry into,the spirit realm.
From Sanskrit: bodiless,formless,incorporeal. Cf. rupa.