Members of the third kingdom of nature,higher than plants and lower than humans; they have etheric and astral bodies and group souls,Steiner taught; they lack I's. Most animals branched off the human evolutionary line; they evolved from us,we did not evolve from them,according to Steiner.
In Theosophy and Anthroposophy: atma-buddhi (the germ of our developing spiritual essence).
"The theory that all objects have a natural life and are linked to a separately existing immaterial soul...." 73 p. 17
Variant of "Anthroposophy" (human wisdom) emphasizing "Sophia" (goddess of wisdom,the female element in divinity,according to Steiner).
Adjective: pertaining to Anthroposophy. ("Anthroposophical" is pronounced an-throw-po-SOPH-e-cal.)
Medical treatments based on Anthroposophy,often spurning or de-emphasizing modern treatments such as vaccination.
The central organization of the Anthroposophical movement; reconstituted in 1923 as the General Anthroposophical Society. The headquarters is in Dornach,Switzerland,at the Goetheanum. There are branches of the Society in various countries around the world.
An adherent or practitioner of Anthroposophy. ("Anthroposophist" is pronounced an-throw-POS-oh-fist.)
• "Man's knowledge. Usually refers to the occult system of philosophy as taught by the Anthroposophical Society founded by Rudolph [sic] Steiner." 73 p. 17 • "Literally,knowledge concerning man ... The term...was first used in English by Thomas Vaughan (1622-1666),the English alchemist...." 80 p. 11 [As used by Steiner and his followers
Prejudice against Jews.