Peoples of the distant historical or prehistorical past; in Anthroposophical belief,generally,they are thought to have possessed natural clairvoyance,wisdom,and spirituality.
A robot or automaton (q.v.) having a human appearance.
"...[I]n the mystical and occult traditions,a supernatural messenger of God." 80 p. 9 [In Anthroposophy,Angels are gods one level above humans; each Angel oversees the life of one human being. Angels are low-level gods of the Third Hierarchy; essentially equivalent to Lunar Pitris or Barhishad-Pitris,they dwell in the sphere of the Moon.]
Theological teachings and speculation about angels.
The fifth cultural epoch of the current great epoch: 1413-3573 CE; often simply called the Present; also called the "Aryan Epoch".
The shape or anatomy of animals. Sinful souls will live in animal form in the abyss,Steiner taught.
The kingdom of nature below the human kingdom and above the plant kingdom.
According to Steiner: the sixth stage or condition of life during a condition of consciousness,especially during our current condition of consciousness,Present Earth.
In Anthroposophy: the human being during the Old Moon stage of evolution.
Chinese astrology is based on 12-year cycles,with each year in the cycle related to an animal: rat,ox,tiger,rabbit,dragon,snake,horse,sheep,monkey,rooster,dog,and pig. The 1980 SteinerBooks dictionary refers to these as "four-footed signs."