In Anthroposophy: the sixth cultural epoch of our current great epoch; the Russian Age.
"Astrological sign (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) ... [Q]ualities — cautious,prudent,noble,progressive,mentally acute,intuitive,psychic,inquisitive,generous,cosmic,modest; but can be lazy,erratic,unreliable,too self-interested,subservient to others' opinions." 80 p. 13
In Steiner's teachings,this term applies to the influence of the Arab worldview,which Steiner associated with use of the intellect. He said Arabism is less evolved than the European/Christian worldview.
"That which is hidden. Mysteries and secrets." 80 p. 14.
Gods three levels above humanity,according to Anthroposophical belief; they oversee human civilization as it evolves. They are upper-level gods of the Third Hierarchy,dwelling in the sphere of Venus. (In Gnostic tradition,Archai are world-governing powers created by the Demiurge.)
"Chief of a host of heavenly angels." 80 p. 14[In Anthroposophy,Archangels are gods two levels above humanity; they oversee human groupings such as peoples,nations,and races. They are mid-level gods of the Third Hierarchy,dwelling in the sphere of Mercury.]
The seventh and final stage of form in our condition of life: our final,spiritualized stage in this sequence of stages.
The realm occupied by Archetypes.
In Anthroposophy: spirits that manifest as thoughts outside the brain; they present ideal models for incarnated beings.
Singular of "Archai"; one of the Archai.