"An occult title representative of the highest attainment on this earth by an Initiate,with conscious and complete mastery of psychic powers." 73 p. 13
According to Steiner: "normal" races that have evolved to advanced spiritual levels. Whites are the most advanced,he said.
A person's second set of teeth. In Waldorf schools,replacement of baby teeth by adult teeth is believed to signal the incarnation of a child's etheric body.
The four-week period leading to Christmas; also the second coming of Christ. The term applies to the coming (the "advent": birth or return) of Christ.
A candlelit spiral of greenery laid on the floor of a darkened room. In observance of Advent,students walk silently along the spiral.
"Among the ancient Greeks...an indefinite or infinite period of time ... [The concept was] adopted by the Gnostics...." 80 p. 3
"The greater gods of the Scandinavian pantheon [i.e.,in Norse myths] ... They inhabited the heavenly city of Asgard." 80 p. 3 [They were opposed by the band of gods called Vanir.]
"According to reincarnation theories,one person's destiny may be bound to another's through many earth lives ... [A]n extremely close bond of affection is said to be formed ... [They] are then said to be 'affinities'." 73 p. 14
"Inspiration drawn upon. An aura of divine origin." 73 p. 14