According to Steiner,the native peoples of Africa constitute an unevolved,childish race.
In Anthroposophy: a subdivision of the current great epoch,a cultural epoch such as the Greco-Roman Age.
In Greek and Roman mythology: stages of human existence,ranging from an idyllic Golden Age when humans dwelt among the gods,to the harsh Iron Age (the present) in which men toil and suffer. There were variously said to be four or five ages of man: Golden,Silver,Bronze,and Iron with,sometimes,an Heroic Age identified between Bronze and Iron.
"In psychical research,one who acts as the transmitter in telepathic communications." 73 p. 14
In Anthroposophy: gods two levels above humanity. Essentially equivalent to Archangels,they are mid-level gods of the Third Hierarchy. Dwelling in the sphere of Mercury,they oversee such human groupings as nations,peoples,and races.
"Chief of the fallen angels...the principal of evil or the Devil...." 80 p. 5 [Ahriman is the chief devil in Zoroastrianism; he is the foe of the Sun God,Ahura Mazda. In Anthroposophy,Ahriman is one of two arch-demons; the other is Lucifer. Ahriman is also known as Satan,aka Mephistopheles,aka Beelzebub. Steiner generally differentiated between Satan (Ahriman) and the Devil (Lucifer). Steiner also spoke of the Antichrist,Sorat. In some Anthroposophical texts,Ahriman stands in as an Antichrist.]
Associated with (influenced by,controlled by...) Ahriman.
Minions of Ahriman; minor demons aligned with the great demon Ahriman.
The world or the plane of existence dominated by Ahriman.
"In the Persian dualism,he was the creative and benevolent being heading the good spirits — also called Ormuzd." 80 p. 5[In Persian usage,the name means "Wise Lord." Steiner taught that Ahura Mazda,as the Sun God,is Christ as comprehended by the ancient Persians.]