The chief designation of God as worshipped by Muslims and Arab Christians. The word means "God" in Arabic,and is thought to be a contraction of al-Ilāh,“the God.” "Allah is the pivot of the Muslim faith. Islam’s holy scripture,the Qurʾān,constantly preaches Allah’s reality,his inaccessible mystery,his various names,and his actions on behalf of his creatures ... Among the names of Allah are the One and Only,the Living One,the Subsisting (al-Ḥayy al-Qayyūm),the Real Truth (al-Ḥaqq),the Sublime (al-ʿAẓīm),the Wise (al-Ḥakīm),the Omnipotent (al-ʿAzīz),the Hearer (al-Samīʿ),the Seer (al-Baṣīr),the Omniscient (al-ʿAlīm),the Witness (al-Shahīd),the Trustee (al-Wakīl),the Benefactor (al-Raḥmān),the Merciful (al-Raḥīm),and the Constant Forgiver (al-Ghafūr,al-Ghaffār)." — ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA,Feb. 9,2016.
Education that differs from mainstream,public schooling. The Waldorf alternative is rooted in the occult doctrines of Rudolf Steiner.
According to Steiner: the home of abnormal descendants from Atlantis; materialistic America exists under the sway of Ahriman.
The seventh and concluding age (i.e.,cultural epoch) of the current,fifth great epoch,the Post-Atlantean Epoch. The American Age will run from 5733 CE to approximately 7900 CE,and it will end in the War of All Against All.
Native Americans: According to Steiner,descendants of abnormal Atlanteans,the "Saturn race" (the product of powers emanating from Saturn); they are doomed to decline and die out. (He often indicated that,in effect,they have already died out.)
Idealistic/Romantic authors considered by some Anthroposophists to have been precursors of Rudolf Steiner.
"The 7 Amshaspands of ancient Persia are analogous to...the 7 archangels of the Christian Apocalypse." 80 p. 9[In Anthroposophy,the Amshaspands are Time Rulers; there are twelve,and they are linked to the signs of the zodiac.]
According to Anthroposophy: the Archangel of Venus,and — during the Anglo-Germanic Age — Time Archangel from ~2600 CE to ~2950 CE.
Akkadians: the sixth sub-race that,according to occult teachings,arose on Atlantis.