One of the four elements recognized in Anthroposophy: earth,air,fire,and water. A fifth essential substance,ether or "quintessence",is sometimes also mentioned.
In Anthroposophy: the ethereal form of the element known as air.
According to Steiner: Luciferic beings composed of air and warmth,dwelling in the atmosphere around the Earth.
A concept derived from Hinduism: the spiritualistic universal ether,sometimes termed astral light.
The Akashic Record(s): a chronicle of all history,written on akasha.
"An occult term said to be a cosmic picture gallery and record of every thought,feeling and action since the world began. Often advanced as an explanation of clairvoyant and psychometric perceptions." 73 pp. 14-15 [Sometimes reference is made to more than one such record. Steiner claimed the clairvoyant ability to read these records. Also see "Astral Record(s)".]
The sixth sub-race that,according to occult teachings,arose on Atlantis.
"The ancient art which sought to transmute base metals into gold...." 80 p. 6 [In Anthroposophy,the term is applied to occult bodily and spiritual transformation leading to higher states of existence.]
Steiner warned against its use,but he evidently used it in his pursuit of heightened clairvoyance,and he taught that it has played a needed function in human evolution,contributing to the development of individual spiritual identities.
Worldwide war that will end the Post-Atlantean Epoch,Steiner taught.