According to Steiner: one of three primary physiological systems. Consisting of digestive organs and limbs,the abdominal system is the seat of the will,he said.
According to the Book of Genesis: the second son of Adam and Eve; killed by his brother Cain. According to Steiner,Abel represents the female principle,whereas Cain represents the male principle.
In Anthroposophical teachings,generally: backward,delayed,or regressive in development or evolution. Being abnormal is often akin to,but not identical to,being evil.
"A charm,incantation or magical word used to ward off misfortune...." 80 p. 1
"The founder of Judaism ... [O]ne of the great mystics of antiquity...." 80 p. 1 [In Biblical tradition,Abraham is the Hebrew patriarch from whom all Jews have descended.]
"Healing through the intercession of a healing medium ... [The patients] have no direct contact with the medium." 73 p. 13 [Cf. contact healing.]
"Ultimate ground of all reality — Brahma,God." 73 p. 13
a) A deep,perhaps bottomless,canyon,on land or under the sea. b) Hell. c) According to Steiner: the region separating physical reality from spiritual reality; a place of perdition.
Akkadians: the sixth sub-race that,according to occult teachings,arose on Atlantis.
According to the Bible: the first man. In Anthroposophy: a sufficiently hardened early human,able to remain on Earth when other humans migrated to other planets. Steiner also used the name “Adam” to refer to a primal condition of humanity in general.